Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tupac is he dead or alive? Will he come back in 2014??

Could this be Tupac now? I'm like caught in the middle between if he could be alive or dead. First i thought about all of the Illuminati things he said that wasn't supposed to be said in public. Maybe the Illuminati killed him that's why nobody has found his killer yet or maybe he killed himself(faked his death). Who knows? But im thinkin why would he let his fans, friends and family think that he is dead. If you're aware or not one of his albums is named the 7 day theory by Makaveli(Tupac's new stage name) Why would he pick the name Makaveli? Because he studied Niccol Machiavelli while he was in prison. Did you know that Niccol faked his death at age 25 the same age Tupac died and he came back when he was 43 that's why people say he might come back sometime in 2014. There are theories that he could be alive and dead lets go threw some of them.
                                       Theories that  he could be alive
  • His body was cremated but the crime was still unsloved.
  • He always had a bulletproof vest on but why not on that night?
  • September 7, 1996 he was shot and 7 days later on September 13, 1996 on a friday which is friday the 13th.
  • He always talked about how his funeral would be like so why was he cremated?
                                       Theories that he is dead
That is Tupac's autopsy. Which makes you believe that he is dead.
  • Jada Smith says she was with Tupac in the hospital on his deathbed.
If you need more proof just go on youtube. So you decide. If he is dead all I say is Rest in Peace my nigga!

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  1. Its strange how we all knew he loved that mackavelli book in prison about faking his death. He always talked about his death. His bodyguard and suge had different stories about the night he got shot